The all-new 99.9 FM is all about you and where you live!
Finally, a radio station designed for life right here in Gananoque!

How you can help
We have applied for a new LOCAL FM radio station to serve Gananoque and area . The frequency will be 99.9 and the airwaves belong to the public. The CRTC allows us to use them as long as we follow through with our application promises. It is a privilege to have a radio license.

We are promising the CRTC and the public that we will:

  • Create new job opportunities
  • Create a new local news service
  • Air a minimum of 38% Canadian Content

We have also promised the CRTC that we will commit a minimum of $1000 to local projects. Local artists in the area are the beneficiaries of this funding for recording, touring and showcasing their music.

The CRTC is always interested in hearing from people just like you! Your opinion matters, and can help the CRTC make a positive decision about licensing the new 99.9 FM.

This process will only take a couple of minutes, but will make a big difference!

If you are mailing or faxing your comments, send a true copy of your comments to My Broadcasting Corporation (full address below) and send proof to the CRTC that you have done so by indicating cc: My Broadcasting Corporation at the bottom of your correspondence.

What should I include in my comments?

Here are some of the most popular reasons people have used when they supported our application.


The proposed FM radio station will be "Uniquely Ours" providing Gananoque listeners with an alternative to the current out-of-market signals.
The proposed NEW FM will provide the only avenue to get timely updates on local news and community events.
The proposed new FM will create a local radio service that is currently unavailable.
As a business owner in Gananoque, I feel that the addition of a NEW FM radio station will increase my ability to reach my local marketplace since we currently do not have a local radio station.
The proposed NEW FM will give non-profit and community groups the opportunity to reach more people and create greater awareness of their efforts.
The applicant has shown a great commitment to the development of Canadian Talent with a contribution of $1000 to local artists.

How should I submit my comments?

You have 3 methods to submit your comments:
Send your comments now using this
Easy To Use Online Form
Mail your comments to:
CRTC, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2
Fax your comments to CRTC at 819-994-0218

If you have any questions or comments you can contact us at:

My Broadcasting Corporation
321B Raglan Street South, Box 961
Renfrew, Ontario
K7V 4H4
Phone: 613-432-6936
Fax: 613-432-1086

The all-new 99.9 FM is all about you and where you live!
Finally, a radio station designed for life right here in Gananoque!




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