The all-new 99.9 FM is all about you and where you live!
Finally, a radio station designed for life right here in Gananoque!

99.9 FM will feature:

  • Today's Soft Rock - long sets of the music you know and love!
  • Local News First - find out what is happening in your community!
  • 3-Day Weather - The only weather exclusively for Gananoque!
  • A daily commitment to local charities and non-profit groups

Why 99.9 FM?
Our company focuses on providing outstanding local service to medium size markets in Ontario. Our goal is to provide an independant voice for Gananoque and the surrounding area. A strong local station will help strengthen the "community / rural" identity. This new station will provide an instant link to community news, sports and important information.

Our research indicates that although Gananoque residents enjoy their current radio choice they would also like to have an alternative choice. The respondents were also interested in a radio station that was interactive and put their community first.

We know that many Gananoque residents have a strong relationship and heritage with country music. However, we also know that many people have very diverse CD collections that include many different forms of music and artists. That is the main reason for our mix of Today's Soft Rock! We like to think of it as your CD collection mixed up and on the radio!

99.9 FM is all about Local News First!
Our goal is to bring you the local headlines and stories that matter to you. We cover the events and stories that happen right here in Gananoque! Spend your morning with the new 99.9 FM and you'll know what's happening where you live!

The new 99.9 FM will feature exclusive 3-Day Weather. The myFM Weather Centre delivers a "Gananoque" forecast so you know what you can expect when you step out the door. The new 99.9 FM is committed to bringing you accurate local weather.
We're the only media that gives you a tailor-made local weather forecast.

The new 99.9 FM team is committed to you. Unfortunately, it seems that the big broadcast companies are scaling back, cutting local jobs and are far more interested in the "major" markets. Our only interest is serving you - right here in Gananoque. Our team will live and work here. We are investing here and are 100% committed to the people of Gananoque. The new 99.9 FM will be creating new jobs and new excitement.

The all-new 99.9 FM is all about you and where you live!
Finally, a radio station designed for life right here in Gananoque!



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